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Your Denture Process in Moose Jaw

City Center Denture Clinic offers comprehensive denture services in Moose Jaw. Understanding the process in which your dentures are completed is laid out on this page. From conception to completion, the entire process is performed in-house. Be sure to call us today to get started with your complimentary consultation.

Preliminary Impressions

An impression is taken using an alginate type impression material and stock tray. Preliminary Impressions

Final Impression/Rim Registration & Tooth Selection

Custom trays are made with wax rims attached. A final impression material is used for the impression. The wax rims are used to register tooth placement. Teeth are also selected.

Wax Try-In

The teeth are set in wax to check for tooth positioning, esthetics and occlusion. Wax Try In


The finished dentures are placed in the mouth and any adjusting will be done. Most dentures will need adjusting after they are completed. Contact City Center Denture Clinic for an appointment. False Teeth

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